Recently, my Colombian pride puffed up with the team’s performance in this World Cup. Last weekend’s game took them out of the running, yet left fans in admiration. With advancement in sports, I was curious about Colombia’s influence in other areas, namely design.

That’s when I discovered Catalina Estrada.

Based in Barcelona, Estrada is a a talented graphic illustrator whose unique images are found on bags, bedding, journal covers, and fashion. But, what really caught my eye, were her wallpaper designs created in collaboration with Coordonne. Opening the door to imagination, the colors burst forth boldly, often mixed with imagery of flora and fauna, transporting one to another realm.

These are not for the timid. They are for the dweller willing to make a statement on a wall.




March moodboard


Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 9.28.33 AMHaving a little moodboard fun thinking about spring. Relaxing pastels, soft textiles, floral inspired accessories can give your space a gorgeous seasonal look.

For more tips, check out my post at Decorilla, March Into Spring: 5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Decor.



Just an hour outside of bustling Panama City is a haven surrounded by 360 degrees of nature. A small luxury boutique hotel, El Otro Lado is just that: the other side of traffic, the other side of concrete jungle, the other side of stress. It is embraced by the National Park of Portobelo and sits on the bay in all its colorful glory.

Pools with infinite views aside, this place stands out for its various attractive design qualities. As its website boasts, it includes:

  • integrated landscape design in an unchanged space
  • eclectic tropical design
  • indigenous decorative elements
  • work of local workshop artists like molas (decorative fabrics painted by Kuna Indians
  • collection of African masks made by plastic waste material in the most genuine representation of Arte Povera
  • evocative photographs of Sandra Eleta, one of Panama’s most recognized contemporary creators
  • European art, such as the sculptures by Juan de Mata
The four distinct houses are based on elements found in the area: forest, sea, sun, spirit. These themes are carried out in vibrant colors and decor.

  How they are manifested in each space is a work of art in itself. Have a look for yourself.


Oh, and there are exteriors too!


 A little slice of heaven, don’t you think?


Remember learning the color wheel and primary colors?  In pure form, red, blue, and yellow can work well in a children’s play room or classroom setting. For more subtlety in living rooms or bedrooms, apply variations of shades, tints, and tones.

Refresher here:

SHADE= any color + black

TINT= any color + white

TONE= any color + black & white (yep, gray)

Here are a few fresh palettes.


Primary tips:

  • work with a neutral palette where the hues are welcomed pops of color, rather than overpowering
  • divert from traditional hues; have fun with your palette
  • pick up your colors from a piece you already have such as a rug, throw pillow, or painting

With so many options, searching for a color palette can be an overwhelming task. If you want one that has a great track record,  consider going primary.

{credit images: nursery, living/dining room, living roombedroom, dining room}

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