Christine_July2014_40 copyDesign is something I started early on in life, only I didn’t know it.

From my 6th grade bedroom to half a dorm room in college to multiple rented spaces, I’ve reveled  in creating home wherever I am. International living has offered me global lessons in style, color, fabrics, lighting, and space. For this, I am very grateful.

Having lived in various parts of the world (California, Spain, Colombia, Tunisia, Korea, Laos) and picking up decor pieces from travels, inevitably contributes to my own eclectic design style. My experience overseas has led to my encounter with e design. In this way, I am able to assist people create their dream spaces in any part of the world. Being a part of Decorilla as a designer and co-founder has been the most rewarding experience. We make interior design affordable and accessible while helping people live in comfort and beauty.

Somebody’s Home is like the wreath on the front door or a light in a window. You know it is well-lived in; you know it’s comfy and beautiful inside; you know somebody is home. This site shares the pieces of home that make you happy when you step inside. I hope you enjoy passing through.